Co-Founder: Business Success Consulting Group - Adi’s clients will attest that she knows how to help them balance their businesses and life. She understands that people have different facets to their lives and different interests. With her coaching she addresses each facet so that a business owner can not only have a successful company, but have time to pursue other projects they are passionate about – outside of their business.

How to Systematize Employee Motivation

How to Systematize Employee Motivation

You may be thinking, “systematizing employee motivation? How impersonal!” However, creating systems around employee motivation and recognition builds an environment and culture in which motivation, recognition, and stability are assured – rather than something given out in fits and starts. How to systematize employee motivation Employee motivation is vital right now. Inc Magazine found that…

Verne Harnish

Scaling Up Compensation Plans to Attract and Retain the Right Employees with Verne Harnish

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Verne Harnish is interviewed by co-hosts Adi Klevit, John Corcoran, Dr. Jeremy Weisz, Elise Holtzman, and Joshua Chin about building and scaling employee compensation plans. Verne talks about the role compensation plays in attracting and hiring employees, the common mistakes leaders make with compensation, and how he incorporates gamification in compensation plans. Stay tuned.

Systematizing Your Network and Referral Marketing with Robin Schuckmann

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Robin Schuckmann, the Executive Director of BNI Oregon and SW Washington, to talk about creating a workable system for networking and generating referrals. Robin discusses how to find the best business network, the benefits of creating a structured referral system, and her tips for effective time management. Stay tuned.

Business Systems: How to Implement Processes and Procedures in a Busy Workplace

Business Systems: How to Implement Processes and Procedures in a Busy Workplace

Many business owners understand that having documented processes and procedures in the workplace is valuable. However, they must overcome two barriers to implementing processes and procedures in a busy workplace. First: There is the time crunch. If everyone is busy, when will the documentation get done? Second: There is the willingness of employees to document.…

Urmila Ratnam

Processes for Scaling and Surviving a Pandemic with Urmila Ratnam, CEO of Alima Pure

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Urmila Ratnam, the CEO and President of Alima Pure. Urmila talks about how to scale a business, the processes and procedures you need to use to run a successful business, different leadership styles, surviving a pandemic, and the importance of improving and reviewing your systems. Tune in to learn about this and much more.