Co-Founder: Business Success Consulting Group - Adi’s clients will attest that she knows how to help them balance their businesses and life. She understands that people have different facets to their lives and different interests. With her coaching she addresses each facet so that a business owner can not only have a successful company, but have time to pursue other projects they are passionate about – outside of their business.

Jeremy Slate

Creating a Valuable PR Process with Jeremy Slate

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Jeremy Slate, the Founder of the Create Your Own Life Show and the Co-founder of Command Your Brand, to discuss his strategies for systemizing public relation campaigns to boost awareness and expand your business. Jeremy shares his tips for speaking on influential podcasts and explains how to drive value as a podcast guest. He also talks about his valuable “small pond” PR strategy. Stay tuned.

Plan Ahead for the Holidays

Plan Ahead for the Holidays

This year has been remarkable in many ways, making it difficult to plan ahead. However, as the holidays approach, it’s time to think about the challenges that will come up and solutions to those challenges. Five Challenges Most Businesses will Face During the Holidays While every industry is facing complications during the holidays this year,…

Charles Warren

The Value of Implementing Effective Processes When Building a Retirement Plan with Charles Warren

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Charles Warren, a Partner and Retirement Plan Consultant at Pacific Retirement Partners, about the value of implementing effective systems and processes when building a retirement plan. Charles talks about the benefits of having an investment policy statement, how businesses can measure the quality and performance of their retirement plans, and his tips for working with financial advisors. Stay tuned.

Setting Up a Business System: An Overview

Setting Up a Business System: An Overview

Establishing and implementing effective business systems is our specialty here at Business Success Consulting Group. Our consultants work with your teams to document processes and procedures and ensure those systems are used throughout your company. We take a look at the macro and micro levels of your business, gaining a thorough knowledge of the whole…

Lewis Schiff

How to Go From Business Brilliant to Leadership Brilliant with Lewis Schiff

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit talks with Lewis Schiff, Chairman of the Board of Experts at Birthing of Giants, about how to become a brilliant leader and grow a strong business. Lewis discusses his strategies for scaling while avoiding burnout, the traits of a successful entrepreneur, and the importance of putting systems in place when building your business. Stay tuned!