Ryan Cassin & Steven Neuner

Leveraging Executive Assistants for Business Growth and Freedom with Steven Neuner and Ryan Cassin

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Steven Neuner and Ryan Cassin, Partners at Superpowers, to discuss how executive assistants can help entrepreneurs get more freedom and growth. They talk about the roles of executive assistants, why great assistants should have a growth mindset, and strategies for deciding what tasks to delegate. Stay tuned.

How Good Time Management Leads to the Success of a Business With Kirsten Meneghello

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit sits down with Kirsten Meneghello, the CEO and Founder of Illumination Coaching, to discuss the best time management tool for leaders. They talk about the benefits of the Eisenhower Matrix tool, the importance of having well-documented processes and procedures, and how you can use each Eisenhower Matrix quadrant to create intentionality and focus. Tune in to learn how you can have the greatest impact with your time.

Jessica Yarbrough

Implementing the Right Strategies and Systems To Accelerate Growth With Jessica Yarbrough

In this episode of the Systems Simplified Podcast, Adi Klevit interviews Jessica Yarbrough, a Business Growth Consultant and Sales and Marketing Strategist and the Founder of the Jessica Yarbrough company, Jessica discusses the system she uses to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. Jessica talks about market position, her money and delivery system, and the significant challenges entrepreneurs face in scaling their businesses.

Olesya Salathe

Systems and Processes for a Successful Dental Practice with Olesya Salathe

Dr. Olesya Salathe, the Co-founder and Co-owner of The Aesthetic Experience, joins Adi Klevit in this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast to explain how she created and implemented systems in her dental practice. Dr. Salathe also talks about partnering with her sister to build an innovative new practice, shares her secret to success, and explains why she started her own podcast. Stay tuned.