Amina Moreau

Optimizing Remote Work Systems Through Fractional Office Spaces With Amina Moreau

Amina Moreau, the Co-founder and CEO of Radious, joins Adi Klevit in today’s episode of Systems Simplified to discuss leveraging fractional office spaces for collaborative remote work. Amina shares how to balance remote, hybrid, and in-person work environments, her processes for building remote and hybrid cultures, and how her company transforms residences into collaborative workspaces.

Cara Turano

Systematizing Investment Funding for Startups With Cara Turano

In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit sits down with Cara Turano, President and Executive Director of the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, to discuss how to obtain and create access to capital for startups. Cara shares processes for securing funding, how to unify entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds through networking, and how to systematize risk as an investor.