Five Strategies for Building Processes that Support Delegation

Five Strategies for Building Processes that Support Delegation

Business owners must delegate tasks to grow their companies. Building processes is the most effective way to delegate. Business systems are used in every company, from successful hotel chains to thriving SEO companies. These documented processes and procedures help business owners delegate, support effective training, and help company owners create consistency for employees and customers…

Building Business Processes? Here's Where to Start

Building Business Processes? Here’s Where to Start

Business processes and procedures are vital to company growth, particularly if you plan to scale your business. There is no way to scale a business and step back from daily operations as a CEO if you do not have systems in place. Developing accessible Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ensures consistency in customer experience, facilitates rapid…

Bob Bedritis

The Five-Step System for Wealth Management With Bob Bedritis

On this installment of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit welcomes Bob Bedritis, the Founder and Managing Director of Oswego Private Wealth Management, to discuss wealth management for legacy companies. Bob describes business owners’ most universal financial issues, the difference between wealth managers and traditional financial advisors, and the barriers to implementing financial systems.